Helping Tech Startups Get Going, Get Momentum, Grow and Exit


There are a lot of ways I can help companies and no two roles are never the same. My activities may include but are not limited to strategic planning, product, GTM strategy, operational management, organizational structure, compensation (cash/incentive plans/stock plans), marketing and PR, sales, business development, corporate development, and other areas in companies ranging from early stage to several hundred million in revenues.

Independent Board Member or Advisor
I’ve often served on the Board where I can contribute an independent point of view, and bring domain expertise from a number of areas as well as operating experience from a variety of company sizes and situations. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and working with the CEO and management team, bringing the perspective of a seasoned operator as a complement to the perspectives of financial investors.

As an advisor, I can contribute at a less formal level but still meaningfully since almost all of my focus is related to the operating business rather than Board business.

CEO mentor
A lot of times a founder/CEO is on their first or second company and begins to encounter issues and situations he/she may not have faced before, especially as the company goes from MVP stage into GTM and growth stage. In these cases I may or may not be a member of the Board, but the majority of my work is as-needed and outside of the board in the form of occasional in-person meetings at the company, or dinners, and of course calls/emails/texts. After all, most board time gets taken up by business reviews and projections and other board business. The “real” operating work is mostly done in-between board meetings.

Fund Raising
I’ve raised over $200 million in venture capital during my time in Silicon Valley and although I generally do not personally invest as my primary activity, I can offer a lot of experience in the fund raising process including the story, the elevator pitch, the presentation materials, preparation for what to expect, what to expect, pros/cons of various terms and conditions in the term sheet and investment documents, etc. If I believe the opportunity is compelling enough, I can also provide or help with identifying and contacting potential investors.

Having led one IPO and 5 exits to companies such as Microsoft, I can help in areas such as the decision to raise money, seek an exit, or strive for IPO; the pros/cons of using an M&A advisor and the selection process, presentations and other materials, identification of potential acquirors, the overall process, determining valuation, and eventually negotiations and closing issues.